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Getting Started.

This is a good question. Do you have a talent for creating wonderful artworks? It could be painting, graphic design, pottery, woodwork, novelty cakes, music, and stories. Our website supports all types of downloadable file formats. When the customer pays the link to the file is sent to them in an email and they have the product. They do not own the full item. The only get the access and rights to use the creation in a project like a website and any creation project

You may be creating a physical artwork like a statue or woodworking item. Then the website supports you as well and your product will be loaded as a normal item and not a downloadable product. Just a reminder that the shipping will be in your hands. We have loaded the shipping option for the customer and they will make the choice. The customer may contact you at any time so you may post your contact details on your vendor page.

Branding is very important and you may post a logo or a photo of yourself. Your Identity may be private but we do recommend transparency in this case. Customers will trust you if you are upfront. It is always better to present yourself as a professional or a business.

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