Hi I am Vincent Horlick. I created this website recently for the purpose of helping artists. To showcase their creations for the purpose of not just using it for exposure, but to create a platform to make money also. I do consider myself an artist and creator. We not only create websites but I do graphic designing and motion designing. With the future for artists in the digital world. We have to evolve into the use of computers for the creation process. The business out there requires you to create your content in digital formats.

Since 2019

started with a test website and evolved into this.

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Vincent Horlick

Our History

In 2019 I started Creating this website as an online store for products and tested different ways of marketing products to display them in a way that looks good and presents well. Over time I found that to create the website we had to use my own creations on my Site. I also found that there was a lot of competition in the market and that my own country South Africa did not really support the supply of these commercial products. Long delivery times and in some cases High costs.

Our Promise

With this concept, most products are digital downloads that will arrive nearly immediately, and if it is a physical artwork that does get shipped. The customer will understand that it’s one of a kind and will arrive in a timely manner. We aim to help our vendors by supplying our store with all the tools needed to create a good experience for both the customer and the vendor. And we promise also that if there is a feature we need to add we will listen to your requests and do our best to add it.